Feb 3, 2007

AND I...




this song's got stuck in my mond!its relevant though!cry

ew im being such a babyAngry

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Jan 12, 2007
a new start

its been a long time since ive posted anything in here

today i came back to edit ALL my posts.i hated them all!well,not hate...but didnt want to read them again.it was for the best to edit them.

i miss HOME :( yes,still !after 4.5 years i wanna go back soooo bad.actually i think its good that i already know what i want.its just that im not sure how im gonna get it (lol) cuz MONEY is the key to most of the thing we want.not all,most most of them.like ...u know...if i wanna LEARN anything...taking classes...im gonna need money.for that,i have to have a job (not my current one thogh!),to have a job i have to finish my studies,and to finish my studies i have to live here!!! its all linked.but theres absoloutly NO WAY im gonna end up living here for the rest of my life.if i get married someday i wouldnt want my children to be born or brought up here.i dont wanna WASTE myself here!lol ok ok thanx Canada for accepting me as a citizen blahblahblah but im just here cuz my family is here! i didnt HAVE TO to do my studies here,but well,its too late now.

its not like i HATE it here or dont enjoy my life.i do,to some point.but i've became kind of isolated.ok,maybe not isolated.lol hahaha i mean well i dont have as many friends here as i used to have back home.i DO socialize,yeah,in school,at work,but thats not friendship.not even close!plus that i WANT to keep my culture and beliefes and its super hard to do so,here.

my class is starting in about 10 minutes.i need to get going.i HATE that class its the most boring lecture EVER.lol everybody sleeps in that lecture. hahaha

k this was a new start for me.i promise myself to continue posting here and keeping it updated.its not gonna be EVERYDAY obv but well maybe once a week?

yaaays Andy's concert is on next friday.im sooooo excited.i love him!

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Oct 5, 2006

i edited this one too

at least i knew what i was gonna do.good for me !

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Jan 17, 2006

i fu**ing hated this post

i delete it

i mean edited it



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Apr 5, 2005



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Jan 21, 2005

this one as well had to be edited
but hey,that was a nice vacation!

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Jun 8, 2004


k i had to delete this post.

i have to do edit alllllll my posts.its retarded i know.but if i dont,i can never ever write anything here again.i feel HORRIBLE so i have to edit them.

i really do ... :-s

Posted at 12:28 pm by neeloofar
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Mar 12, 2004

stupid guy at work


what a loser,i told eli about him and she even came in to see him (and laugh,maybe?!!!)

i hate that guy.stupid player.

Posted at 09:34 am by neeloofar
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